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Sikh girl stabbed by two men in South Kashmir

Sikh girl stabbed by two men in South Kashmir

Sikh girl stabbed by two men in South Kashmir
Islamic University of Science and Technology
Incident Details

Awantipora in Pulwama district, J&K


Jul 02, 2018





Mandeep Kaur, a student of electrical engineering at the Islamic University of Science and Technology at Awantipora in Pulwama district, was attacked by two unidentified assailants on 2 July while she was waiting to board a bus to the university. After which she was rushed to nearest hospital.

Mandeep has also alleged that she has been repeatedly harassed by her classmates, including a girl, harassed her during Ramzan.

The victim’s father, Amarjeet Singh, has alleged that prior to the incident on 2 July, his daughter had even tried to commit suicide, succumbing to “mental torture”.

“She was being so badly tortured by three boys and one girl — all her friends — to convert that she even tried to commit suicide thrice without telling anyone,” Singh, told ThePrint.

Amarjeet added, her daughter “is not in a state to talk to anyone”, “They started threatening her to keep roza, read the namaz….When she refused saying her religion doesn’t permit her to do so, they would taunt her and call her names,” he said.

“One boy even attacked her physically and caught hold of her neck once…He told her, ‘Do you not understand we have a problem with your religion. I will kill you," Singh claimed.

After the alleged torture intensified, Kaur became reluctant to go to college and tried to commit suicide, her father said.

“She looked weak…When she stopped going to college, I asked her, and she broke down,” he said.

“That’s when she told me she was undergoing extreme mental torture, and she can’t take it anymore,” Singh said.

On learning about the ordeal of his daughter, Singh went to the vice-chancellor, Mushtaq A. Siddiqui, who he claims, assured him that his daughter would be safe in the university.

“But on 2 July while waiting for the bus to her college, she was stabbed on her arm by two men,” he alleged.

The family, which suspects that the attack is directly linked to her refusal to convert to Islam, has registered an FIR in this regard. Three youths who had been allegedly torturing her have been arrested so far.

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