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Six men attacked a sikh temple in Vienna

Six men attacked a sikh temple in Vienna

Six men attacked a sikh temple in Vienna
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May 24, 2009







May 24, 2009: Six men attacked a Sikh temple in Vienna, killing the leader of the Sikh sect and injuring more than a dozen people.

Worshippers used a frying pan and microphone stands during the attack to fend off attackers carrying knives and a handgun.

As disturbances sparked by the fatal shooting spread to many northern Indian cities, India's then prime minister, Manmohan Singh appealed for peace.

The Attack led to riots in several cities in northern India. After hours of deliberations, a Vienna court sentenced the 35-year-old main defendant to life in prison for murder and attempted murder, spokesman Christian Gneist said.

Three others received 18-year sentences and a fifth defendant got 17 years in prison as accessories to murder and attempted murder, and for assault. The sixth man was sentenced to six months behind bars for attempted assault.

The main suspect, who was not identified, claimed over the course of the proceedings that he could not remember the incident. However, his DNA was found on the gun used as the murder weapon.

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