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Sikh man brutally stabbed in Mumbai

Sikh man brutally stabbed in Mumbai

Sikh man brutally stabbed in Mumbai
Incident Details

Chembur, Mumbai


May 03, 2020



Inder Singh and his brother Kirti Singh Rana were walking towards their house in Chembur when they were attacked with sticks, daggers, and swords. In a video, the victim’s brother has stated that he had only asked the group of men to wear masks for their safety. Inder Singh sustained critical injuries. In the viral video, one can see deep stab wounds on the back and head of the Sikh man.

In a video shared by Akali Dal leader Manjinder Singh Sirsa, a Sikh man named Inder Singh was brutally attacked on Sunday by one Salim Siddique and his 4 friends in Nagewadi on PL Lokhande Road in Chembur, Mumbai. As per Sirsa, the victim was assaulted for asking the accused to wear masks in public in accordance with the Government’s national directives to fight Coronavirus outbreak.


The video of the brutal attack, in which Indersingh is being attacked by a sword, has been going viral on social media. Indersingh’s father Surendra Singh Rana is a social worker and runs the public urinal.

According to police, a dozen-odd people were summoned to the spot by Siddiqui and his accomplices, who then started beating up Indersingh with swords and sticks. Witnessing his brother being brutally assaulted, Kirtisingh tried to intervene but was beaten up too.

Kirtisingh then made a run for his life, after his brother had been left unconscious on the street.

After the viral video of the attack emerged, police were quick to warn against attempts to communalise the incident, also warning of strict action against those who tried to do so.

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