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Sikh man stabbed to death in his store in US

Sikh man stabbed to death in his store in US

Sikh man stabbed to death in his store in US
@SikhProf | Photo Credit: Twitter
Incident Details

New Jersey


Aug 16, 2018


United States

A Sikh man was stabbed to death at his store in the U.S. state of New Jersey, the third incident targeting the minority Sikh community in the country in three weeks.

Terlok Singh was discovered dead by his cousin on Thursday in his store with an apparent stab wound in the chest.

The Essex County Prosecutor’s office is calling the incident a homicide, according to a report in ABC7NY.

The motive behind the killing was not immediately known.

Singh, described as a very kind person, is survived by his wife and children who live in India. He owned the store to support his family. In the wake of the brutal and shocking incident, his family has now closed the store.

The news report said Singh ran his store for at least six years and a neighbor said he should not have had to worry about being attacked in his workplace.

Simran Jeet Singh, a visiting scholar at New York University’s Center for Religion and Media and a Senior Religion Fellow for the Sikh Coalition, tweeted about Singh’s tragic death, saying “this is the third attack on a Sikh in the last three weeks. So tired of all this sadness.”

On August 6 in Manteca, California, 71-year-old Sahib Singh was brutally attacked by Tyrone McAllister and a juvenile when the elderly man went on a morning walk.

McAllister, who is this son of a local police chief, and the juvenile were charged with attempted robbery, elder abuse and assault with a deadly weapon.

On July 31, 50-year-old Surjit Malhi was attacked while putting up campaign signs in support of incumbent Republican Congressman Jeff Denham and other local Republican candidates.

While beating Malhi, the attackers yelled “Go back to your country!” and spray painted the same message, along with hate symbols, on his truck.

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