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One more Sikh Student Victim of Hate-crime in Canada

One more Sikh Student Victim of Hate-crime in Canada

Incident Details



Mar 17, 2023





A Sikh student from India was attacked by a group of unknown men who ripped off his turban and dragged him across the sidewalk by his hair in the Canadian province of British Columbia. Gagandeep Singh, 21, was swarmed and beaten near Highway 97 and McCurdy Road in Kelowna after he got off a transit bus on March 17.Gagandeep was heading home after grocery shopping when he encountered a group of young boys, between 12 and 15 years-old on the bus.

Councillor Mohini Singh said she heard of the attack shortly after it happened and went to visit Gagandeep."I was horrified when I saw him. He could only speak in soft tones and he couldn't open his mouth,"She further said that the group took the turban with them when they left Gagandeep in a pile of “dirty snow” on the side of the road. Gagandeep then called a friend who came to the scene and dialled 911. He was treated for a wide range of injuries on his chest, mouth, arms and legs at Kelowna General Hospital.

Singh, who visited Gagandeep at his home, said she was “horrified” after she saw him. Calling the incident “intolerable” and “absolutely disgusting”, Singh said it should be treated as a “racist attack”. The councillor says the fact that Gangandeep is Sikh and from India was "undoubtedly" a factor in the assault.

Gagandeep's friends and fellow international students have been left shaken and scared by the attack, prompting a gathering at the bus stop Sunday where they spoke out about how they feel less safe in their community. Hate crime & assault against Sikhs are common in Canada and abroad which leave Sikh community to think about their security and safety.

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