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Panj Pyare : The Legend of Bhai Dharam Singh Ji

Panj Pyare : The Legend of Bhai Dharam Singh Ji

Panj Pyare : The Legend of Bhai Dharam Singh Ji

“Dhaul Dharam Daya Ka Poot": quoted in Jap-ji Sahib, intricately penned down by Guru Nanak Dev Ji at the very onset of Adi Granth predicted the future of the Panj Pyare established on the auspicious occasion of Vaisakhi by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The pioneers of Khalsa Panth renaissanced to revolt against the tyranny by the unjust regime inflicted upon the docile people of the yester-year's Punjab. Today, as we live through the inheritance of that undying bravery of the honoured Panj Pyare, their sacrifice dwells in us, reminding us Sikhs to follow the path of self-love and righteousness.

Dharam Das from Hastinapur was the second Sikh anointed and renamed as Bhai Dharam Singh by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, right after Bhai Daya Singh who solemnly swore to be the one who would sacrifice himself for the safety and command of the benign Guru Gobind. As quoted above, the details with which the Khalsa Panth was laid down were to symbolize the qualities any Guru-ka-Sikh must adorn with pride and certainly, after the holy anointment, emerged the glorious Bhai Dharam Singh ji, the second Pyara of Guru Sahib. From the moment he drank the sacred Khande- di-Phul, his life was dedicated to the holy seva of the Lord. From being a delicate yet youthful adult of 25, he became Guru Gobind's beloved compliance and an important instrument in the elimination of the poignant rule of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb out of then Hindustan. Being from the Jat caste, his addition only encouraged the then marginalized community the belonged to and gulfed the gaps between the barriers of the caste system tarnishing societal values of the said era.

The life of Bhai Dharam Singh influences us Sikhs a lot, and his role in the Golden pages of Sikhism shall always be an unhinged part of the divine mechanism of the Universe. When Guru Ji had to depart from the battleground and it was Bhai Dharam Singh along with Bhai Daya Singh who accompanied the Guru's company.His devotion was unbound as even in the last days of his living, he was a proud Sikh, an unadulterated warrior and a true devotee to the preservation of righteousness. Apart from this, one can never forget the famous diplomatic letter penned by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the 'Zafarnama' was delivered by Bhai Dharam Singh and Bhai Daya Singh, as they travelled towards South India and unrooted the fascist and oppressive rule of Aurangzeb. In those times, travel was gruesome and it only took the heart of a brave to fight the unjust and remain poised in the comforting touch of divinity and religion.

His name suggests the ethos of the divine must be followed by every Sikh wherever they are in the world, understanding that fighting for our ideology and against the evil bigotry is a quality that any Gur-ka-Sikh must adorn with grace. We believe that his glory shall attain a special place in our hearts.

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