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Origin of ‘Ananadpur khalsa Fauj’

Origin of ‘Ananadpur khalsa Fauj’

Origin of ‘Ananadpur khalsa Fauj’

Amritpal Singh Sandhu is a radical Indian Khalistan separatist, a self-styled Sikh preacher and leader of the organisation ‘Waris Panjab De’ ("Heirs of Punjab") from Punjab, India. Waris Punjab De chief- Amritpal Singh attempted to form a jathebandi called 'Anandpur Khalsa Fauj'(AKF). Through this Anandpur Khalsa fauj, Amritpal is targeting drug addicts & rogue ex-serviceman to help them build a gang aiming Khalistan demands & radicalising Sikh youth.

According to Punjab police,during the search operations for fugitive Amritpal, bulletproof jackets and rifles with 'AKF' written on them have been recovered. Earlier, a visit to Amritpal's ancestral home in Jallupur Kheda had revealed that he had printed AKF on the entrance of his house besides a wall facing the house. A temporary ‘shooting range’ at Amritpal’s native village Jallupur Khera in Punjab, India (Amritsar district) is also there. At this shooting range, he was training his aides for setting up his militia, the ‘Anandpur Khalsa Fauj’ (AKF). He has been training youth in handling and loading firearms to recruit them in the AKF.

He is currently a wanted fugitive in India. He has been reported to have close links to Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence and terror groups, and is reported to have received training from the same. He has also been reported to have been raising his own army and 'human bomb squads' consisting of brainwashed youth as suicide bombers.

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