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An Ode To The Bravery of Vadde(Elder) Sahibzade: Baba Ajit Singh and Jujhar Singh

An Ode To The Bravery of Vadde(Elder) Sahibzade: Baba Ajit Singh and Jujhar Singh

An Ode To The Bravery of Vadde(Elder) Sahibzade: Baba Ajit Singh and Jujhar Singh

The eldest Sahibzada of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Sahibzada Baba Ajit Singh Ji was born at Paunta Sahib, and Sahibzada Baba Jujhar Singh Ji, the second son of the tenth Guru, was born at Anandpur Sahib. The two were aged 18 yrs and 16 yrs respectively when they achieved martyrdom at Chamkaur Sahib. Because of their heroic deeds at such a young age, Sikhs reverdly call them “Baba”, expressive of their highest regard and respect for these brave sons of the Guru.

Those were tyrannical times when the Mughal rulers in Delhi and the kings in Hill States were increasingly threatened by the growing strength of Sikhism. The message of equality resonated with people across the social strata and it was believed by the rulers that it would be hard to control the masses once they have tasted the power of freedom that Sikhism was bringing. It was this perception of threat that led them to join hands and to try to destroy the influence of Guru Gobind Singh. Eventually, their combined forces marched on Anandpur Sahib and surrounded it. They besieged the city and cut it off from all supplies. The Sikhs in the fortress there had to suffer unimaginable hardships as water, rations and medicines were increasingly limited.

The siege continued for months and months, but the Sikhs continued to persevere. The tyrant forces were demoralised and the Mughal Emperor was looking for a way out the humiliating situation he ended up in. The leaders of respective forces went in peace to Guru Gobind and swore on Kuran that they would not attack his forces as their evacuate Anandpur. They said that they would capture Anandpur and that would be considered a victory enough for Aurangzeb. They promised not to attack the starving masses. Many Sikhs advised Guru Ji to evacuate Anandpur, even though he did not believe the promises of his foes. But he listened to the masses. The evacuation happened. But Sikhs and their families had barely reached the bank of river Sirsa when enemy forces attacked them from behind, breaking the vows they made on their Holy Books. A heavy fighting ensued under the command of Baba Ajit Singh who was leading part of the Sikh forces. Due to incessant rains, the river was flooded and many Sikh lives were lost in an effort to cross it.

The next day, about 40 Sikhs along with Guru Gobind Singh Ji and his elder sons arrived at the village of Chamkaur. They were thoroughly exhausted from the ordeal of the night before. They had little choice but to take shelter and make their last stand at the fortress-like home of Chaudhary Budhi Chand. Overnight, enemy forces encircled the house and gathered in large numbers. As the stock of arrows began to dwindle, Sikhs decided to engage with the enemy head on. Baba Ajit Singh sought permission from Guru Ji to go fight alongside his fellow soldiers. Guru Gobind was pleased by the fierceness of his son, embraced him dearly and himself armed his son to fight alongside the next group of five Sikhs who went out of the fortress to fight. Baba Ajit fought tactfully and bravely. They did not allow the enemy to encircle them but they soon exhausted their supply of arrows. The Sahibzada then attacked the enemy with his spear but they were able to fatally injure his horse. What followed was a lightening attack on enemy soldiers as they died in heaps, but then, a spear pieced the body of Baba Ajit and he attained martyrdom on the battlefield. Sahibzada Jujhar Singh, who was only 16 years old at the time, was bravely witnessing the brave acts of his elder brother from the fortress. Soon, inspired by his brother, he too asked permission from Guru Ji to go fight along the next batch of Sikhs and he promised his father that he will not let him down. Guru Gobind was filled with immense pride at the unrelenting courage shown by his young son and allowed him to ride into battle. Once outside the fortress, enemies attacked the company from all sides at once, focussing on Baba Jujhar. The young Sahibzada fought bravely and many enemy soldiers fell prey to his sword, but after a long battle, they were able to break the protective ring around him. Baba Jujhar put up a brave final fight but was fatally injured in the end. Their act of fighting alongside their fellow Sikh soldiers only strengthened the Sikh cause as it showed to the world that for Guru Gobind, lives of his own sons and his fellow Sikhs lie on the same level, and that he was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice that the world can ask of a father but was not willing to give up his righteous principles.

Today, the battle of Chamkaur is a legend, inspiring generations of Sikhs to valiantly stand against the forces of injustice, no matter how much odds are lined against them.

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